Sonardyne Product Training

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In order to make sure our customers get the very best out of their Sonardyne equipment, it is vital for us to provide both professional and extensive training. Using our location, facilities and vessels; we are able to offer scheduled product specific training as well as bespoke training that can cover a variety of Sonardyne products and systems. If a client needs to perform a particular task or project with our equipment, we can create bespoke courses combining our in-water facilities, or where necessary, using our own simulation software. With the ability to recreate as close as possible the project that is planned, relevant skills can be practised and potential problems identified in the classroom, rather than on the customers vessel offshore.

One of the unique benefits of training in Plymouth is the ‘in-water’ element that this location brings. With an intuitive blend of simulator and ‘hands on’ practical training, the student can experience the best and worst conditions they are likely to encounter offshore.

Mayflower Marina, where we provide most of our practical training, is on the mouth of an estuary where the River Tamar meets the ocean. This creates a particularly challenging environment for acoustic positioning and so serves as a very good training arena as the local subsea environment undergoes many changes throughout the day.

Our courses are developed using a professional framework and delivered in a collaborative and inclusive style. Our customers, most of whom travel to Plymouth from all over the world to attend, enjoy having the opportunity to learn on live underwater kit and leave with much more confidence in the equipment and their ability to deal with any challenges they may face off-shore.

For more information about our Sonardyne Product Training courses, click here.